Need to know how many restaurants, people or square feet we have in Historic South End? We are constantly updating our database and research tools to support business recruitment and retention efforts. Our goal is to serve as the definitive source of information and data related to the Center City.

We have on-going research projects underway. The latest data is available for download in the 2016 State of the Center City.

You may also want to peruse the South End Fast Facts, Development Report and Resident Snapshot.

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Office & Recruitment

Historic South End has become a unique and attractive office location.

In 2015, the new office building 1616 Camden opened with all 51,000 square feet leased.

An additional 412,000 square feet of office space is under construction or planned for South End, which will increase the total office space to 3.1 million square feet, an increase of 15%.

  • South End Total Office Sq Ft: 2.7 million sf
  • 6.9% Vacancy Rate
  • $22.56 per square foot

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