Artist Alison Hamil Makes Her Mark on South End

July 24, 2017 6:19 am

Good food and drinks will draw you to a restaurant, but a great atmosphere will bring you back.

As an artist, Alison Hamil has made her mark on South End in a big way – through murals that help set the mood and tone at some the neighborhood’s restaurants. Hamil’s work first appeared in South End at the well-known barbecue restaurant Mac’s Speed Shop and soon, we will get to see more of her work when the owners of Mac’s Speed Shop open the doors to their new restaurant, SouthBound.

“Mural, sign painting and graphic design are my specialties,” says the Atlanta-based artist. “I do fine art as well.”


Hamil first found her love for mural painting while on a study abroad trip to Costa Rica in 2009. While there, she had the opportunity to collaborate from students at a local university to create her first mural.

“I fell in love with mural painting right then and there,” says Hamil. “It’s a chance for me to get to work with other people and for me to bring my art outside of the gallery space.”

South Enders might recognize Hamil’s work from her murals at the South Boulevard Mac’s Speed Shop, particularly “Willie for President”, which makes many appearances on Instagram. With Mac’s and new restaurant SouthBound, Hamil collaborated with the owners of the restaurants to bring their vision to life.

“At SouthBound I also designed the color scheme for the entire interior of the building. That was a first for me.” At SouthBound, Hamil helped create a fun, relaxed vibe that makes you want to hang out for a while, including signage and a laid-back courtyard mural.

For now, Hamil hasn’t announced any other projects in South End but hopes to continue to collaborate with businesses for murals and branding that make each place one of a kind.

“I love working with the businesses and doing something that’s going to really benefit them and their business and bring the energy they’re looking for to the space.”

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