Need to know how many restaurants, people or square feet we have in Historic South End? We are constantly updating our research tools to support business recruitment and economic development.

2019 State of the Center City

Our annual report with data and trends for Center City, including South End. The State of the Center City report includes information on economic development, office and retail space, residential development, tourism, transportation and entertainment. Updated annually in the first quarter of the year.

Download the 2019 State of the Center City Report (Published January 2019)

South End Fast Facts

One page with all of the latest data on new development, office, residential, dining, retail, and transportation.

Download South End Fast Facts (Published Q3 2019)

South End Development Report

Our regular report on private and public development projects in Historic South End, including those that are recently completed, currently under construction or announced.

Download the South End Development Report (Published May 2019)

South End Resident Snapshot

Data and trends on the 9,000 residents who call South End home, from our biannual survey.

Download the South End Residential Survey 2017 (2017)


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