The South End Vision Plan is a policy document to guide the growth and development of South End over the next 25 years. It was adopted by Charlotte City Council on Monday, June 11, 2018.

Vision Plan Adoption Update

Following the recommendation of the Charlotte Mecklenburg Planning Commission’s Planning Committee and the Charlotte City Council’s Transportation and Planning Committee, on Monday June 11, 2018 the Charlotte City Council voted unanimously to adopt the South End Vision Plan (SEVP).

This plan establishes a community-driven vision, along with specific recommendations and guidelines to guide the growth and development of the district for the next 25 years. The document also updates existing policy documents for the area like the Blue Line Station Area Plans.

Download the full South End Vision Plan here.

The work to bring this plan to life is just beginning. Moving forward, this plan will guide programs of work and investment in the area from Charlotte Center City Partners and the City of Charlotte. Our teams will also work closely with other

government agencies, especially Mecklenburg County Park + Recreation, and private property owners, businesses and individuals.

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Over the past decade, South End has grown into one of Charlotte’s most dynamic places, transitioning from a predominately commercial and industrial area into a creative design district and vibrant urban residential neighborhood.

Its close proximity to Uptown, major highways and access to the light rail line provides the convenience and momentum for sustained growth.

Spurred on by a strong rebound from the recession, South End’s population has grown to an estimated 9,000 residents with over 4,500 housing units actively planned or under construction. While much of this growth has been primarily driven by new housing, several office and retail-oriented projects are also in the works.

Vision Plan Effort (2017)

South End will continue to grow. This community-driven vision aims to capitalize on and shape that growth so that South End becomes more vibrant, walkable, transit-oriented, and welcoming.

During Fall 2016 and Spring 2017, Charlotte Center City Partners, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Planning Department, and stakeholders from the South End community worked with urban design consultants Stantec to produce the South End Vision Plan.

The South End Vision Plan and accompanying guidelines address, among other things – street frontages and ground floor activity, building form and massing, as well as identification of and location for appropriate use(s).

The plan:

  • Serves as a benchmark, providing urban design guidelines and community-driven standards for planners and government officials when reviewing potential projects.
  • Establishes a set of higher urban design standards across the entire neighborhood that emphasize preserving and enhancing the existing character of sub-areas like Lower South End with its unique mix of single story brick warehouses and curvilinear streets, or for the Gold District with its dynamic mix of uses and potential for strategic infill and structural upfit.
  • Creates a tangible vision for South End and its neighborhood centers, illustrating the district’s potential and including actionable recommendations and strategies for implementation.

South End Vision Tour: Draft Plan Presentation (July 2017)

On July 25, the team presented a vision for the future of South End to area residents, workers and neighborhood enthusiasts at Triple C’s new Barrel Room. The event included brief remarks from Stantec’s Craig Lewis and a fun exploration of the plan’s details with the help of Queen City Quiz Show’s Tim Miner and Matt Olin. After the formal portion of the event, attendees used specially-made future South End passports to guide them through what South End could look like with potential new parks, pedestrian and bike friendly streets, a new transit station, great building design guidelines, more local shops and restaurants and art everywhere might look like in the neighborhood.

Images Courtesy of Mert Jones Photography

Vision for South End

Charlotte’s South End is a premier walkable, urban district supported by vibrant neighborhoods, built on transit, and fueled with energy and innovation from our city’s most diverse and creative people.

Top 10 Initiatives

This Vision Plan sets out a realizable future for South End in 2035, 2040 . . . and beyond. The following 10 Priority Initiatives provide the initial stepping stones to reach that goal, and directions for all parties involved in making this future happen.

  1. Continue expansion of the Rail Trail
  2. Convert South Boulevard from a principal arterial that favors cars to a main street that favors pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit
  3. Implement new building design regulations to ensure a high quality and continuous public realm
  4. Attract a regionally significant cultural facility
  5. Preserve affordability to encourage entrepreneurship
  6. Construct an urban neighborhood park
  7. Construct a new transit station at Publix/ Iverson Way
  8. Require greater densities at the station areas
  9. Manage parking as a district
  10. Embed art into everything

Plan Adoption Process

The draft plan will be reviewed by the Planning Commission and submitted to the Charlotte City Council for review and adoption in late 2017 and early 2018.  Once complete, the finalized plan will be available on this page, and announced in the South End newsletter. Subscribe to the South End newsletter here for regular updates about South End development and events.

Presentation boards from past community meetings are available here and here.


For more information or to offer feedback on the draft South End Vision Plan, contact project manager Klint Mullis at