New Play “Eat the Runt” Offers Up a Different Show Each Night

September 12, 2017 9:01 pm

Fifteen years ago, producer Donna Scott saw a show in New York that, as she describes, “had just moved from off off broadway to off broadway” called “Eat the Runt”. The comedic show stood out to Scott for the way the eight actors were cast in their roles. At the beginning of the show each night, the audience used voting buttons on their chairs to decide which actor would play each role, setting the stage for a slightly different show each time.

“I remember thinking ‘This is amazing but it requires all of this technology,’ ” Scott says. “In these fifteen years, technology caught up.”

Scott is the founder and co-producer of Donna Scott Productions, a theater and arts production company based in Charlotte. This fall, Donna Scott Productions, made up of Scott and co-producers Tonya Bludsworth and Glynnis O’Donoghue, is bringing the show “Eat the Runt” to South End, using texting to allow the audience to vote for which actor they’d like to see in each role for the evening.

“It will never be the same show from night to night,” Scott says.

The show takes place in an office setting and features and interviewee applying for a grants position.

“The series of interviews gets more and more bizarre as the play goes on,” Scott says. “Almost everything that shouldn’t be brought up in a job interview is brought up or talked about.”

Race, sexuality and religion are all topics that make an appearance in the show. On any given night, each actor will be prepared to play any role, changing the dynamics of the characters and jokes from night to night.

Scott got her start in theater during productions in high school but as a first-generation college student decided to major in business in college and did not have the time for theater productions while balancing a part-time job. Years later, after Scott and her husband’s plans to relocate to Germany changed at the last minute, Scott found herself without a job and able to pursue a passion project. Scott and her husband had been patrons of theater for years and Donna saw this opportunity as a chance to pursue acting and theater.

“One thing that kept occurring to me was that I wanted to see more shows that had opportunities for women, both in the shows and behind the scenes,” Scott says. “The best way to do that is to produce.”

Scott’s first show that she produced called “The Body Chronicles” addressed women’s body issues in a comedic, relatable way. The show ran for two years, selling out seven shows before it opened.

“Eat the Runt” is Donna Scott Production’s biggest show since “The Body Chronicles” with a cast of eight people and offered up a challenge for everyone involved with figuring out how the cast could learn and rehearse eight different roles.

“There are over 40,000 combinations,” Scott says.

The show opened on September 7th at the Harvey B. Gannt Center and will run through September 23rd at the Charlotte Art League. Scott is quick to share that they gave the show an eighteen and up rating due to language but encourages all adults to see the show once, if not twice, to see how it changes as the actors switch roles: “It’s pretty fun to watch because you get to see all different versions of how it could play out.”

It’s also hilarious.

Tickets and showtimes here.


Image from Scott Bludsworth

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