Public Art

Creativity abounds in South End, and you can find art literally around every corner: on walls and windows, under your feet and up above your head. Below is our guide to public art in the neighborhood, who the artist is and where you can find it.

This list is under development and always changing. If you have a new or favorite public piece to add to this list, let us know!

A Cut Above - Adrian Chu Redmond

A Cut Above

Adrian Chu Redmond

Poindexter Drive, Charlotte, NC

Adrian Chu Redmond is an internationally acclaimed artist with a poetic eye and desire to bring energy and expression into everyday life. She draws inspiration from colors in nature, aiming to capture a fleeting moment, emotion or sensation while utilizing bold brush strokes, strong palette knife markings and vivid hues to characterize her work. Adrian finds beauty in the overlooked and channels those moments to express her vision of the world. Through her unique style of realism and abstraction, she brings energy into her subjects by making them appear larger than life.

Chu Redmond’s goal with A Cut Above, her first public art piece in Charlotte, is to energize people with the beautiful blooms of sunflowers.

Beautiful Utilities - Laurie Smithwick

Beautiful Utilities

Laurie Smithwick - Visit Website

176 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Graphic designer Laurie Smithwick used her 2016 South End Creative Lab grant to turn a traffic signal utility box into artwork.  Since the box lies at one of South End’s busiest intersections, she collected stories of the hub from residents to inform her piece.  From these narratives, she came to understand the intersection as a meeting point for a network of diverse neighborhoods.  Smithwick reflected this idea in her design by bleeding colors into each other and overlapping shapes.

Bradham Parking Garage Series - Hilary Siber

Bradham Parking Garage Series

Hilary Siber - Visit Website

145 New Bern Street, Charlotte, NC 28203

A series of murals for Bradham Apartments parking garage. The murals reference the Pepsi wave and bottle caps!

Camden Wall Mosaic Frieze - Tom Thoune

Camden Wall Mosaic Frieze

Tom Thoune - Visit Website

Camden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

The 33 mosaics along Camden Road at the East/West Boulevard Light Rail is the result of an enthusiastic collaboration between South End Residents and local artist Tom Thoune.  In 2005, Thoune gathered donations of plates, glass and broken ceramics from South End residents through a community collection arranged in conjunction with McColl Center for Visual Art, then recycled and combined them with his own handmade ceramics.  The materials were used to make a mosaic frieze spanning 360 feet that tell a story about South End and its surrounding neighborhoods.

In 2017, the South End Neighborhood Association spearheaded a project to repaint the wall, with assistance and coordination from CATS Art in Transit and maintenance teams, artist Tom Thoune, Charlotte Center City Partners, and all the neighbors who came out with paintbrushes to spruce up the art wall.

Catawba Mural - Miouxnie Rane West

Catawba Mural

Miouxnie Rane West - Visit Website

1320 South Church Street, Charlotte, NC

Local artist and South End Creative Lab grant recipient Miouxnie Rane West was inspired by her native American roots for this Riva Finoli Passage project.  She drew on the rich history of Catawba Indians in the Charlotte area to craft a piece representative and reflective of their poignant impact.  The vibrant result depicts the Catawba River flowing through lively swirls of color.  To achieve full authenticity, West freehanded the entire installation, forgoing projection tools and painting directly from her mind.

Cicada – Summer Breeze - Laura Sutthoff

Cicada – Summer Breeze

Laura Sutthoff

Marsh Road, Charlotte, NC

Charlotte-native Laura Sutthoff’s first public art piece Cicada – Summer Breeze is inspired by her Southern roots.

“Every thirteen years during the warm months of summer in the South, Cicada Nymphs crawl out from under the earth,” says Sutthoff. “It’s a homecoming, remembering parties and picnics outside. Seeing friends and family, dancing on the grass, and staying up late to hear stories of days gone by.”

Color Forest - Ivan Toth Depeña

Color Forest

Ivan Toth Depeña

East Bland Street, Charlotte, NC

100 colorful steel poles, ranging in height from 8 to 12 feet, line both sides of the Rail Trail just north of Bland Street, creating a “Color Forest” you walk through on the Trail. Local artist, Ivan Depeña is the brains behind this amazing installation, with ACSM at C3 Lab completing the fabrication and installation.

Confetti Hearts Wall - Evelyn Henson

Confetti Hearts Wall

Evelyn Henson - Visit Website

The Design Center Atrium, West Worthington Avenue, Charlotte, NC

Dog Walkers - Chase Brannock

Dog Walkers

Chase Brannock

Remount Road, Charlotte, NC

Chase was born in Burlington, NC. He has a Bachelor of Arts from Elon University and an MFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University.

Chase Brannock’s installation combines two South End staples, dogs and art, in a playful and whimsical narrative of comic panels.

“With all of the negativity in the world, part of my responsibility as an artist is to spread positivity back into the community,” Brannock says.

Duke Substation & Beacon Tower Illumination - Duke Energy

Duke Substation & Beacon Tower Illumination

Duke Energy - Visit Website

Charlotte Rail Trail, Charlotte, NC 28203

Edna’s Porch - David Furman

Edna’s Porch

David Furman - Visit Website

213 E Palmer St, Charlotte, NC 28203

In 2016, David Furman and CATS collaborated to add purpose and dimension to a vacant patch of land near the Blue Line transformer.  The installation, Edna’s Porch, includes swings, benches, and a patio covering for everyone on the Rail Trail to enjoy.

Exclamation Point - David Furman

Exclamation Point

David Furman

109 E Tremont Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

Fowler Porch - David Furman

Fowler Porch

David Furman - Visit Website

1447 S Tryon St, Charlotte, NC 28203

Artist David Furman of Centro Citiworks has brought many eccentric works to the Rail Trail.  In 2016, he created Fowler Porch to creatively bring playfulness to a previously unused, deteriorating wall.  Furman worked in collaboration with local steel artist Ben Parrish of Steel Design Studios, who made the screen, handrails, and seesaw on the porch.  The project was made possible by Beacon Partners, owners of the adjacent Fowler Building.

Gold District Community Mural - E. C. Laney

Gold District Community Mural

E. C. Laney - Visit Website

307 Lincoln Street, Charlotte, NC

This community mural was one of the first projects created in the Gold District, a sub-district of South End that celebrates the gold mining history here (gold mines are literally under your feet), and the entrepreneurial spirit then and now f the businesses here.


The Gold District, named after the discovery of gold and the operation of gold mines in the area, is a small section of South End with general boundaries of Morehead, Summit, Church and Graham Streets. The Gold District is undergoing a revitalization with support from business owners and the city. Art is playing a role in its redevelopment and this mural is one of the first pieces commissioned in the district.

Halcyon Deconstruction - Sharon Dowell

Halcyon Deconstruction

Sharon Dowell

Iverson Way, Charlotte, NC

Sharon Dowell is a painter with a focus on works on canvas, murals and public art. Intertwining themes course through her paintings; the energy of place, renewal, regeneration, and redemption. She believes that creative place making communicates distinctiveness and generates connections across communities. Thus, it is important for her murals and public art to also serve as a vehicle to give back and shape communities for the better.

She received a MA in Arts Administration from Winthrop University and a BFA from UNCC. She has served as an Adjunct Professor and Rowe Galleries Coordinator at UNC Charlotte and as Director for Center of the Earth Gallery.

Her commissions include large scale mural, light rail station and transit projects for Charlotte and Boulder, CO as well as murals for UNCC, the cities of Rock Hill and Concord, and bus shelter art for Durham. Her residencies include The McColl Center for Visual Art, Can Serrat in Barcelona, Casa Lu in Mexico City, Tyrone Guthrie Center in Ireland, NES in Iceland, United Buddy Bear Studios in Berlin, and the Julia and David White Colony in Costa Rica. Sharon received multiple Arts and Science Council artist grants and her work is in several corporate collections.

Kindred - Beth D. Mussay


Beth D. Mussay

East Carson Boulevard, Charlotte, NC

Beth D. Mussay’s first public art piece in Charlotte, Kindred, uses colored ink to create portraits of loved ones, friends and strangers who are all persevering in some way.

“This piece is an attempt to let those people know that I see their beauty, as individuals and as members of a vulnerable group,” Mussay says.

Lance Color Study - Christine Dryden

Lance Color Study

Christine Dryden

Bland St, Charlotte, NC

After 15 years as a graphic designer working with artists and creatives, Christine Dryden is now venturing into her newest medium of paint and using her graphic design background to influence her work. For her piece, Lance Color Study, Dryden was inspired by the colors of the brick, grass, trees, concrete and sky at the intersection.

“I translated my photographs to swatches in my PMS book, then returned to the studio to mix oil paints and render a color study of the space,” Dryden says, sharing the squares are an homage to the Lance cracker peanut butter sandwiches that were a staple of her childhood lunches.

Life In Transit - Kate Stewart & Holt School of Fine Art Students

Life In Transit

Kate Stewart & Holt School of Fine Art Students - Visit Website

118 E Kingston Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

The Dilworth Artisan Station, a hundred-year-old building originally a garment and textile factory, serves as a studio for 35 Charlotte artists.  In 2017, one of these artists, Kate Stewart, was selected to bring the creativity happening inside the Station to the building’s exterior.  Stewart worked with a group of her fine arts students to capture the dynamic nature of city life and visually represent the quiet moments city residents enjoy after the hustle and bustle of their days.  Their installation spans 20 aluminum panels on the façade of the Station and can be seen from the Rail Trail.

Linda Lou & Leroy - Jen Hill

Linda Lou & Leroy

Jen Hill

Leroy Fox South End, Camden Road, Charlotte, NC

Jen’s mural depicts a fox chase happening outside of the city from the South End point of view. “The one large fox is Linda Lou and her baby is the smaller fox you see in the distance. There is also another fox somewhat hidden floating above the scene and that’s suppose to be Leroy, looking over Linda Lou.”


Magic Carpet Murals - Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn

Magic Carpet Murals

Jessie Unterhalter & Katey Truhn - Visit Website

109 E Tremont Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

The Magic Carpet Murals bring vibrancy and color to South End and Uptown.  Artists Jessie and Katey designed the graphic pieces in collaboration with children in the Charlotte community and installed the paintings with the help of volunteers in March 2016.  The three Magic Carpets can be found on the Rail Trail across the tracks from Atherton Mill, adjacent to the Shook/Kelly office building at 2151 Hawkins Street, and between the New Bern Station and Hyde Brewing.

Mexican Mermaid (Karla) - Sharon Dowell

Mexican Mermaid (Karla)

Sharon Dowell - Visit Website

1999 Hawkins St, Charlotte, NC 28203

The large-scale, purple-haired mermaid (affectionately “Karla”) soars above Hawkins Street.  She was painted by artist Sharon Dowell in 2018 for The Design Center of the Carolinas, made possible by a commission from Asana Partners. Karla adds an element of punk and adventure to a previously blank brick wall.  Dowell enjoys bringing her work to public spaces because she believes it makes art less intimidating and helps integrate creativity into daily life.

Mother Nature - Rosalia Torres-Weiner

Mother Nature

Rosalia Torres-Weiner - Visit Website

2401 Distribution St, Charlotte, NC 28203

Muralist and activist Rosalia Torres-Weiner brought Mother Nature to Friendship Trays in April 2017 as a testament to the women who run the non-profit organization.  Friendship Trays has been active in the Charlotte community since 1976, providing subsidized meals to those in need. Torres-Weiner took on the project because she enjoys depicting real people confronted with challenges in beautiful ways, and was inspired by the compassion and initiative of the majority female staff at Friendship Trays. The artist creatively addressed the electrical wires and boxes on her canvas by incorporating them into her painting as tendrils of her subject’s hair.

Move - John Hariston Jr.


John Hariston Jr. - Visit Website

110 West Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Nature - Edwin Gil


Edwin Gil - Visit Website

Living Kitchen, South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC

Located inside Living Kitchen in South End.

Organized Chaos - Anna Gelbach

Organized Chaos

Anna Gelbach

East Park Avenue, Charlotte, NC

Anna Gelbach is a graphic artist born and raised in Charlotte. She’s been making art her entire life and is currently working on a line of custom graphic prints and stationary.

Anna spent two years in Japan after college and has climbed the highest peak in the contiguous USA.

Pachamama - Nico Amortegui


Nico Amortegui - Visit Website

Living Kitchen, South Boulevard, Charlotte, NC

Located inside Living Kitchen in South End.

Pre-Historic South End Brontosaurus - Amy Hart

Pre-Historic South End Brontosaurus

Amy Hart - Visit Website

Charlotte Rail Trail, Charlotte, NC 28203

This bicycle-osaurus was brought to South End by CIEL gallery’s Amy Hart in 2016.  The project was envisioned by the South End Neighborhood Association and made possible by a private donation and a Historic South End Placemaking Grant, with the support of Park Condos HOA.

Rail Trail Chalkboard - David Furman

Rail Trail Chalkboard

David Furman - Visit Website

115 E Kingston Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

On this chalkboard, all types of Charlotte residents and visitors share what it is they want to do before they die.  Some of the responses are honest, some are aspirational, and some are humorous, and they are ever changing as more Rail Trail users contribute their hopes and dreams on the public forum.  This popular spot created is worth a visit and guaranteed to inspire.  The chalkboard is one of many guerilla art pieces that have appeared overnight on the Rail Trail; this one materialized in March 2015.

Rail Trail Symphony and Soundwave Art - Central Piedmont Community College Students

Rail Trail Symphony and Soundwave Art

Central Piedmont Community College Students - Visit Website

Charlotte Rail Trail, Charlotte, NC 28209

The Rail Trail Symphony project was made possible by KaBoom, a nonprofit which aims to help cities create spaces for kids to play everywhere.  The Symphony provides unconventional musical instruments for children to experiment with sound in a collaborative environment.  Soundwave Art, a mural at the foot of the Rail Trail Symphony, was designed and painted by CPCC students, and visually represents the musical creativity happening above it.

Signal House - Leigh Brinkley

Signal House

Leigh Brinkley - Visit Website

Camden Rd & W Tremont Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

This building, constructed in 2007, houses equipment necessary for the operation of the Lynx Blue Line. CATS Arts in Transit program and local designer Leigh Brinkley gave the utilitarian structure a new look in 2012. Their collaboration yielded the fun art piece Rail Trail users see today.  Their design reflects South End’s quirkiness and creativity, and serves as a landmark in the neighborhood.

The Sting - Shelly Johnson & Nathan Kelly

The Sting

Shelly Johnson & Nathan Kelly - Visit Website

2400 South Blvd #300, Charlotte, NC 28203

Track Fencing - Shaun Cassidy

Track Fencing

Shaun Cassidy - Visit Website

1511 Camden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Shaun Cassidy’s 2006 residency with CATS yielded 40 stainless steel leaf-maps which were installed along the Lynx Blue Line.  He cleverly replaced each leaf’s veins with street maps of Charlotte neighborhoods specific to the Light Rail Station where it was placed for transit riders to enjoy.

Unfurled - Pamela Goode


Pamela Goode - Visit Website

102 W Park Ave, Charlotte, NC 28203

Unfurled was conceived and managed by glass mural artist Pamela Goode with the dual aim of providing fellow artists with the opportunity to contribute to a public work and of highlighting the unique qualities of large scale glass mosaics.  Goode invited 52 international artists to contribute.  Each had the freedom to showcase their individual style in a section of the mosaic.  The patching together of these smaller pieces resulted in three very large plant-shaped panels bursting into bloom.  The amazingly intricate finished product would not have been possible without designer Lin Schorr, grouters, installers, and enthusiastic private sponsors.

Urban Eddy - Carmella Jarvi

Urban Eddy

Carmella Jarvi - Visit Website

1507 Camden Rd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Charlotte native and local artist Carmella Jarvi was inspired by water for this project. To bring movement and nature to the Charlotte Trolley Powerhouse, Jarvi crafted 13 stunning glass rounds, which were then photographed and printed onto vinyl. In January 2018, the vinyls were adhered to the windows of the Powerhouse, reflecting beautiful colors outside and inside the building. This installation was made possible by the South End Creative Lab, which allows artists to infuse creativity into spaces of opportunity.

Urban Infinities - Ashley Graham

Urban Infinities

Ashley Graham

West Tremont Avenue, Charlotte, NC

“For this artwork I wanted to highlight my favorite attributes of being in South End. There is so much to do, whether it’s walking your dog along South Boulevard, riding a bike, or stopping into one of the many shops or restaurants, the atmosphere is always welcoming from the indoors out. The urban landscape of the area is filled with contemporary buildings juxtaposed with historical landmarks, all of which have shaped South End into the vibrant neighborhood that it has become. I collaged maps of Charlotte along with other symbolic imagery to capture the essence of exploring the area of South End and allowing yourself to get lost in the infinite fun,” Graham says.


Wake the Queen - Sam Guzzie

Wake the Queen

Sam Guzzie

307 Lincoln St, Charlotte, NC 28203

Artist Sam Guzzie of Brand the Moth, a nonprofit dedication to creating public art for the community and supporting local artists, painted Queen Charlotte to welcome guests to the Riva Finoli Passage at Magnolia Emporium in 2017.

Warby Parker Wall Illustration - Anna Kövecses

Warby Parker Wall Illustration

Anna Kövecses - Visit Website

2000 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Cyprus based artist Anna Kövecses brought her whimsical, modern illustration style to the interior of Warby Parker in 2017.  The fun mural brings color to the industrial space, which mellifluously blends South End’s enthusiasm for the arts with its manufacturing history.

Willie for President - Alison Hamil

Willie for President

Alison Hamil - Visit Website

2511 South Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Mac’s Speed Shop commissioned artist Alison Hamil to paint this patriotic Willie Nelson mural in 2017.  The mural is located the venue’s outdoor seating area for patrons to enjoy.