Supporting South End’s Green Thumbs for Nearly 40 Years

June 20, 2017 6:41 am

Driving down South Boulevard, it’s easy to miss one of South End’s best tucked away gems. One block off of the busy road resides Campbell’s Greenhouse, a tropical oasis filled to the brim with eye-catching plants and mesmerizing greenery.

Since opening nearly 40 years ago, Cambell’s Greenhouse has become a destination for Charlotte gardeners. The awe-inspiring greenhouse was started by Jesse Campbell who built the business up around his beautiful orchids. Following Campbell’s death in 2016, Campbell’s is now operated by President Debbie Capps and General Manager George Koehler, who maintain the greenhouse’s focus on providing quality plants and services, helping everyone from master gardeners to novices.

“We don’t provide classes but we’re very hands on and provide information to try to help people with what they purchase and let them know what might work for them in their environment,” said Capps. “We’re willing to guide people and answer questions.” Although Campbell’s collection of plants started with orchids, the greenhouse has grown to include a wide variety of plants for any type of garden, from small trees for full yards to trendy air plants for apartment dwellers.

Campbell’s keeps their selection of plants fresh by changing with the season and updating their tropical plants every three weeks. Along with providing high-quality plants and flowers, the greenhouse, which is open year round, creates custom design work using its well-known orchids and other beautiful blooms. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or looking to test out your green thumb for the first time, Campbell’s is a must-visit location in South End.

“We’re very tucked in and we’re not very visible from the street but once you step in you realize that there’s a whole lot here,” said Capps.

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